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International Certificate Focus @ CaSE

What is International Certificate Focus?

International Certificate Focus is an English language training program which focuses on students’ own individual needs to help them prepare for a range of internationally-recognized examinations, including TOEFL, IELTS and Cambridge ESOL. The program is modular, meaning that students can join the program at any time and start preparing for their examinations. Our staff can offer guidance to assist students who want to register for their examinations and our teachers have extensive knowledge of all examinations. CaSE can show you exactly what is required to be successful in your examinations and achieve your academic goals.


Examinations and Certification

CaSE is affiliated with the University of Cambridge ESOL examinations and has years of experience with IELTS and TOEFL preparation courses.  International Certificate Focus  has been specifically designed to help prepare students for all of these examinations. We also provide our own CaSE certification which shows a student’s language ability on the Global Scale.


Program content

The International Certificate Focus program introduces students to the full range of skills that are required for successful candidates. Students have access to a wide range of example materials from TOEFL, IELTS and ESOL examinations which help to familiarize them with the test formats and content.


Learn how to speak in a clear, concise manner for the TOEFL test and how to give full, coherent answers on complex topics for the IELTS test. Develop your critical thinking skills so that you can give exceptional answers in your examinations and succeed in your academic goals.


Experience the wide variety of question types in the TOEFL and IELTS tests whilst expanding your vocabulary and learning the reading skills that are essential for all examinations including skimming, scanning and reading for detail. Authentic TOEFL and IELTS texts and reading exercises will give you the tools for success.


Hear a wide variety of accents as you listen to authentic native speakers give lectures and discuss academic topics. Learn how to listen for specific details and how to understand a speaker's opinion from what they say and how they say it


Practice planning and structuring your writing so that you can express your ideas and opinions cohesively and accurately in both TOEFL and IELTS essay-writing tasks. Learn how to report on data in a clear, factual manner so that you can succeed both in your examinations and in your academic career.


Assessment is a key element in International Certificate Focus. Students’ English language ability is assessed during their first contact with the school  and continually monitored throughout their time at CaSE. Students can also measure their progress with a simulated practice test at the end of every module. Assessment is based on the internationally recognized Global Scale: the Common European Framework (CEF).


 Advantages of the International Certificate Program

·Authentic material ensures students are familiar with examination requirements

·Regular practice tests to prepare for examinations

·More focus on students’ individual needs and requirements.

·Hard work is rewarded by faster progress up the Global Scale.

·Continual assessment means that students always know how they are progressing.

·Alignment with international standards.

·Practical certification from CaSE which can be used by employers or educational establishments.