Focus Course

Business English

Do you need to speak to your customers in English? Place orders with suppliers from English-speaking countries? Prepare written reports for foreign readers? CaSE can help your company to reach its full potential with a CaSE Business English Focus program.

CaSE can provide specially designed programs to help you and your staff learn the language skills that they need to succeed in today's globally-connected world.

CaSE can arrange classes at your workplace or at the school itself. We are receptive to your needs and, after a free consultation, we will design a course based on the needs of your business.

CaSE provides short-term intensive courses or ongoing English language training programs.

CaSE teachers are professional, dedicated and experienced and are experts at improving language learners' confidence and ability.

Contact us for more information and start building for the future of your business today with CaSE. Telephone 061 455 8624/455 8613 or email us at